Easy Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting restful sleep can be very challenging each night, if you haven’t prepped yourself for a good night’s sleep. Some nights it may happen effortlessly, but other nights getting the proper sleep (or falling asleep at all!) can feel like a constant and exhausting struggle.

With that said, there are a number of things you can alter, or potentially add to your bedroom that will optimize your potential to get the most restful sleep in the most efficient way. There are seemingly endless steps that people can take to improve their sleep, and ultimately ensure a better night’s sleep. Some work, while others remain purposeless nighttime rituals. To help make the distinction, we have compiled the top five things you can change in your bedroom to grant yourself a more restful sleep each night.

Do Up Your Decor

Brightening up the decor of your room will certainly add an esthetic appeal to where you rest your head, but doing so will also give you the pleasure of waking up in a clean and comfortable living space. Doing up your decor (shopping for stylish wall hangings, and the best duvet covers) can lead to big changes in your sleep. When picking color schemes, a mixture of relaxing and attractive colors (like green for serenity, purple for anti-anxiety, and pink for calming) can create a perfect atmosphere for a restful sleep.

Choose The Comfiest Comforter

Besides allowing you to sleep covered with perfectly soft and warm material, choosing the right comforter can mean the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a night of restless sheep counting. We all know that down is the preferred comforter quality, but down comforters can also be a bit pricey, costing well over $300. If they cost too much for you, there are also other viable options that are much cheaper, such as a down-alternative comforter for under $100. Down-alternative is also hypoallergenic, so a new comforter might allow you to breathe easy while you sleep instead of sniffling all night long.

Buy The Perfect Pillow

Choosing the perfect pillow is a decision that’s as important as choosing the correct comforter. Pillows can be cheap and trashy just as comforters can, which is why it is essential to buy the perfect pillow to ensure the most restful sleep. Buying a five-dollar pillow is not going to allow you the same rest a contoured memory foam pillow would, so before deciding to pinch your pennies, decide how much restful sleep is worth to you. After all, your head is one of the most important parts of your body, why wouldn’t you want to rest in on the best material?

Besides, make sure that you have a comfortable and soft mattress to sleep on. One tip for improving old mattress is using a mattress topper which is much more affordable but can renew your mattress and add more support to it.

Spruce Up Your Fragrance

The smell surrounding you while you rest is a legitimate sleep factor — one that many people often forget about or overlook completely. In fact, an enjoyable scent filling your room and surrounding your bed can stimulate a more relaxed and peaceful sleep. Scents such as chamomile and lavender in your pillow or bedspread can stimulate sleep that otherwise would have been impossible to enjoy.

Darken Your Drapes

Choosing the right drapes is essential to ensuring a restful sleep. How they look is far less important than what they cover and how much light they keep out. Darkness is key! Keeping light out is vital, and subsequently, ensuring you are not prematurely awoken by sunlight at dawn.

Whether you are struggling to stay asleep or fall asleep at all, the five simple improvements to your sleep space are sure to act as helpful sleep aids and ultimately grant you a better night’s sleep. Little steps, like styling your decor, darkening your drapes, using the perfect pillow, or covering yourself with the only most comfortable comforter, will ensure you finally get that restful sleep you so deserve.

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