Fluf Story

Fluf Story

Hello, and welcome to Fluf.

Started in the summer of 2005, Fluf is a creative collaboration between a former lawyer,  and a former interior designer, Andrew.

Leaving all security, credibility and good-sense behind, we decided to open a designer bedding accessories boutique (mattress, pillow, mattress topper,….). And we’ve never looked back. Retail became wholesale, and the small bedding biz grew to into a textile-based, design and manufacturing company.

We now design and print a collection of sustainable fabrics and create bags of all kinds, pillows, topper and other lifestyle accessories. We’re all about sustainability, fanatic customer service, uncompromising quality products and attention to detail.

We have four small children between us, so we are always motivated to create products that are practical and durable – as well as beautiful. We don’t make anything that can’t be washed. We have a bag that doubles as a backpack, since we understand the need to have two hands free while you are also hauling groceries (or swimming gear or Lego). We’re big on bags with multiple uses, things that organize and robots that fold laundry (one day). We also have brutally honest, for-real-life mini-testers that help us to make our products cooler, smarter and better. Thanks kids.

We hope you like your Fluf products as much as we enjoy making them.

Why “Fluf”?  

Even people we have been working with for years sometimes (well, often) spell our name “fluff” (and we are too polite to correct them). Yes, it is pronounced “fluff”, not “floof” or “flüf”, but don’t go mistaking Fluf for fluff.

We just like it this way. It is lighter and fresher. It gets the job done with less cumbersome lettering. It’s clean and simple: Fluf.