How to make mattress softer for better sleep

Sleep apnea is also called obstructive sleep apnea is one of the most serious conditions which causes discontinuances of breathing around 10 seconds during sleeping. There are plenty of kinds of apneas that we could not know if we are not specialist. This disorder often happens in most men; especially middle-aged men. However, many of us can have it even if women. In this article, we will show you how to make mattress softer. It is considered one of the best remedy for sleep apnea.

Simple ways to make mattress softer

Start using your new mattress

Normally, your newly bought one can be not as soft as you want. By lying on it several times, you can feel its surface be no longer hard. If you are not sure about how tough it is, it is better to ask for help from someone. They can share your bedroom and check it. This is a traditional way. Or you can find out an application to support you to do it in case you might not have someone. A modern application even shows you how bad your disorder you have and provide some suggestions as well.

Flip and rotate it

In the case that you have used your mattress for a long time, change it place by flipping and rotating. Recent researches show that sleeping postures can cause sleep apnea. So, try to have right sleeping posture to support your breathing gets more comfortable. You can modify a better pillow and mattress with the right size of your head and facial. The mattress is possibly increased the sleep apnea as you have to change your posture regularly during your sleep period.

Using a soft mattress topper

Using a soft topper to make mattress softer
Using a soft topper to make mattress softer

Well, snoring is brought about a narrowing of the air passage of the throat and nasal path. For those who have narrow paths are caused by genetic issue, they likely have sleep apnea than others. In this case, try to use a soft mattress topper may help you much in dealing with this issue. There are a lot of reasons making people have the sleep apnea. It depends on their habits, their foods they eat, their health condition, and their lifestyle as well. Everyone at any age probably has sleep apnea.

However, replacing a mattress topper is only one of many to-do things. To check the condition clearly, you should go to the hospital and find out a specialist. He or she will help you seek the major reason and the treatment as well.

Consulting with others

You should consult the health professional to seek out the reasons and solutions for your sleeping problems. Not all the issues can be solved just by knowing how to make mattress softer. Along with these, you can apply some home remedies such as drinking chamomile tea, change an ideal pillow, purchasing a suitable humidifier, adjusting your nutrition in the daily diet, checking your lifestyle again to find out the errors, and so on. Do not forget to evade alcohol before coming to your bedtime.


Sleep apnea comes when many soft tissues in the rear of your throat ease off or subside during sleep. In some situations, obese people can have tightened airway, so their breathing path is decreased, causing sleep apnea. By knowing how to make mattress softer, hope you can find yourself get rid of this unfortunate situation.

Also, do not worry too much about this disorder because you can avoid by drinking warm milk or green tea before going to bed 1 hour. It will have you get a deep sleeping condition and avert sleep apnea. You enable to open your favorite song or slight melody of the music to relax your mind completely. All pressures will have vanished.

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