Engaging Mattress Topper for Comfortable and Sound Sleep

It is effortless to define the meaning of a mattress topper. In general, the mattress topper is the cushioning bedding sheet placing on top of the mattress.

mattress topper
a mattress topper add more comfort to your sleep

Specific description of the mattress topper

A mattress topper lengthens in line with the length of the bed and the mattress. Four edges of mattress topper will be strapped to keep the mattress topper stable to the bed and mattress and avoid the slipping and sliding situations.

A mattress topper will be made of several kinds of materials such as feather, down, memory foam, latex, etc. The difference of the material will result in discrepancies in the feel and the look of the topper. However, most of the mattress topper will have the smooth and soft feel. As a result, people will make use of the mattress topper to soften the bed which is too firm and hard.

memory foam mattress topper
a memory foam topper by LUCID

Actually, memory foam mattress topper is most popular thanks to the density, and others are still used by other users. Moreover, memory foam is more hypoallergenic which is loved by most of users compared to feather or down mattress topper. Many reviews have revealed that both of them have their own pros and cons, but then it will meet the specific demand of each user. To satisfy wide requirements of users, manufacturers are producing incorporated mattress topper for both down and memory foam topper like the 2 layers mattress topper. Nevertheless, it should be noted that sometimes memory foam can be allergenic to some users, therefore, careful check for materials and its allergy is important to some ranges of users.

Unlike other bedding accessories, a topper is separating, i.e. removable meaning that users can place it on, throw it out and replace in an easy and convenient manner. Sometimes, users can use both topper and pad at the same time.

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A mattress topper is suitable for:

– Anyone who would like to add more comfort and cushioning to their bedding but is reluctant to replace the current mattress.

– Anyone who is under joint and back painful disease.

– Anyone who is under the worry of protecting the mattress from normal tear and wear.

To sum up, the mattress topper will benefit into 2 aspects:

+ Add more comfort and cushion

+ Lengthen the duration of use of mattress

Benefits of mattress topper

+ Add more comfort and cushion

For anyone who is using the mattress only for their bedding, it is normal that the mattress will soon to be dent and compressed through times of holding your sleeper’s weigh and facing with external factors. Not only affected to the performance of the mattress topper, over time topper’s appearance is going to be blur as well. Therefore, an extra topper will add more protection layer for the mattress and work well in addressing the problem.

+ Lengthen the duration of use of mattress

memory foam mattress-topper
mattress topper adds more comfort to your mattress

It is obvious that a mattress will be better if it is well-protected. In this course, the topper will help in a series of views:

– Sleepers are going to release body sweat, i.e. moisture and humidity over sleeping. Sometimes, careless actions can make fluids and stains to be fallen on the mattress. With a topper, a mattress can prevent the case of sweat and fluid to be on the mattress. Of course, the mattress topper can not avoid these matters but it is more convenient for the mattress topper to be washed and cleaned out rather than with a mattress which is much larger and heavier and can not be washed easily.

– Other external factors which can affect to the quality of the mattress is the bacteria. The layer which is the closest to the body is vulnerable to the risk of getting bacteria which can cause disease for the sleepers’ skin. On the other hand, a topper can be covered with a removable covering which can be quickly and easily washed without interfering to the use of the mattress and the topper.

– With a topper you will not be afraid of replacing the new mattress when your bed has to hold more weight or the frequency of external factors is more intensive. A topper will be expected to support to all changes to your mattress without making its to be sag or dent.


Broadly speaking, the topper will benefit the mattress in the long term for use as it will be kept new regardless of how long it has been used. At the same time, comfort is highly and regularly remained. Regarding budget, a topper is more economical to replace rather than a mattress when it comes to replacement.

In the nutshell, it is definitely clear about the advantages of using the topper in bedding practice. The level of satisfaction will vary according to types and of users and their needs, yet most of the reviews are positive and advice is to use accordingly.

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